On a super-hot Portland day, I drove to the Oregon coast for a special session in Seaside. The weather was perfect; warm with a light breeze. I met a wonderful family and had a great time!

It was Linda’s 70th birthday, and she was celebrating by gathering her whole family at the beach. She and her husband came down from Tacoma, daughter Stacy’s family came over Portland, and son Jeff’s family came up from California. They had a peaceful, relaxed weekend together, and I had the honor of being there to capture some of the fun. What lovely people!

To start, everyone hung out outside for awhile, chatting and playing, enjoying the beautiful sunshine. Then we moved inside for the birthday celebration! There was singing and cake and ice cream. The cake, holy cow, the cake! It was pretty to look at, and even better, it was DELICIOUS. It was a Salty Dog cake (devil’s food and salted caramel) from Decadent Creations and everyone could not stop raving over how yummy it was. They generously gave me a slice too, and yep, soon enough I was mmm-ing along. I can’t wait to have more goodies from that shop!

Then Stacy brought out another surprise–special t-shirts! They featured a photo of Linda and the words, She Makes 70 Look Good! (And it’s true–isn’t she gorgeous?) They all wore the shirts down to the beach, just a few steps away from their rented house on the Promenade. No one was more excited about the water than Cameron, who at only 1 1/2, was the tiniest family member there, but he was instantly in love with the ocean! As soon as someone led him away, he turned right back around and headed back. Everyone waded in and out for awhile, and I loved watching them play and splash.










Thank you again–what a pleasure to be spend some time with all of you!

Do you have a special birthday, anniversary, or other special occasion coming up that you’d like to document and commemorate? Give me a call!