Oliver and Danielle actually received this session as a gift from their parents! Isn’t that an amazing present? Talk about the gift that keeps on giving–this family (and the extended family) will get to enjoy and treasure these beautiful images forever.

Their daughter Bettye-Jean was about a year and a half old, and her dad describes her as a spicy meatball! She was so curious, and decisive, and fun to follow around. (The family is also expecting their second child later this year! So exciting.)

Family reading together on the couchWe started our Sellwood family photography session at their home–we began with a few pictures inside to warm up. Bettye-Jean had been getting over a cold, which didn’t help her apprehension. But she soon warmed up, after she took her shoes off and got some cuddles from Mom and Dad. 🙂 I *adore* the photos we got of them reading some of her favorite books together. Isn’t that just a priceless vignette?

By the way, how amazing is that vintage red sofa?! The family’s red and black outfits coordinated beautifully with each other and with the decor, and were a lovely and dramatic touch to the outdoor photos as well.

Toddler girl being sillyFrom their house, we drove around the corner to Sellwood Park. The family goes there often, since it’s so close. They also enjoy being outdoors in general, so they weren’t too worried about any weather issues. It was a gray day, threatening to sprinkle, but didn’t fully rain until after we were done. The camellias were in full bloom, which made for a gorgeous walk along the outer path. Several huge magnolia trees were blossoming too, which was another beautiful backdrop inside the park.

Once we were in the park, Bettye-Jean was all set to go her own way, confidently striding off down the pathway without a second glance. After a bit of exploring on foot, we went into the playground area. She was super excited to run around, to go down the big slide on mommy’s lap, and then of course, the swings! A favorite of kids as well as photographers–it’s an activity that always brings out such joy, in parents as well as the little ones.

Thank you for a lovely session, Oliver and Danielle!! What a treat to hang out with your beautiful family.

If you are interested in a session with your own spicy meatball kids, I would love to play in the park with you and my camera! Tell me all about your favorite local place to hang out and we’ll create a unique session just for your family.

Toddler girl with mother


Toddler girl walking with parentsFamily portrait at Sellwood ParkSilly family portrait

Toddler having fun on a swing