Simple Father’s Day Photo Gift

Father’s Day can be so hard to buy presents for.  Those “gift lists” around the internet aren’t much help for me. Thankfully, photo gifts are always a hit!

One of my favorites so far is really simple: a photo mug.


I made it on Snapfish (with the caveat that I don’t like their prints, but it’s easy enough to make some fun gifts with photos through them). I added a line that says “Happy First Father’s Day!” and included three pictures: one of my husband with both of our twins, and then an individual shot of each twin.


I like it because it’s timeless and will always recall sweet memories for my husband, and it’s a near-daily reminder about how fast the time goes. Our boys just turned 2.5 years old, so to see their little infant faces on this mug is really nostalgic already.


I also like it because again, it’s so easy. If you don’t already have a good image of dad with his kiddos, grab the nearest photographic device (whether it’s your smartphone or a camera) and ask him to pose (or play) with them. Do it today! Since the mug is such a small area, having a smaller/lower-res image won’t be an issue.

This works great for grandfather gifts too! And guess what, I made myself one for Mother’s Day too, and also for the grandmothers. 🙂 It’s a very versatile gift idea.

Let me know your favorite photo gift ideas in the comments!