Portland (really, most of the Northwest west of the Cascade range) is a temperate climate, which means that generally, it doesn’t get extremely cold or extremely hot. This is a good thing, if you ask me! Especially after eight years of living in New York City, where it gets so grossly hot and humid in the summers, and then bitterly cold and snowy all winter. But of course, I’m from the PNW, so I’m biased to want the more middling weather. The downside of the middling weather is that you don’t get lots of gorgeous snow to photograph! Last year there was a single solitary sprinkling of snow all winter. So when there was a “huge” snowstorm — meaning like four inches of snow in our area — I was itching to get out to photograph/play in it! We live very near a forested park, and I was practically giddy–fresh snow on evergreen trees is one of my all-time favorite things to see. 🙂

snow boots in snow winter photography

snow trees portland

snow selfie