Martin and Frances just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary! Isn’t that incredible?! Such an amazing achievement. Their whole family gathered, many from out of town, to celebrate: their three grown children plus the spouses and kids. They had an official party one day, but had me come out the day before to photograph everyone together. We began at their second home near St Helens, right on the Columbia. Martin and Frances met in New Mexico — and neither meant to stay! — and then got married and raised their family there. They come visit Oregon (sometimes by car) once or twice a year, and this year everyone else came up too.

St Helens Family Photography_0001

It was really fun to hang out with these people–they are sarcastic and funny and just my kind of folks. 🙂  Someone might have even flashed someone else! That was definitely a first, haha!! St Helens Family Photography_0002St Helens Family Photography_0003It was a gorgeous February day, so after we did some photos in the house, we went to a nearby park and beach.

St Helens Family Photography_0005

Anyway, in addition to the laughs, I felt really privileged to be there and capture them all together. It makes me so happy when families gather and get quality photographs to commemorate occasions. And seriously, wow–FIFTY years together, still going strong and so happy! Congratulations to you!

St Helens Family Photography_0006St Helens Family Photography_0007St Helens Family Photography_0010St Helens Family Photography_0011