What a fun photo session this was! First, we were in a new-to-me location: Tanner Springs Park, right in downtown Portland. It’s only one square block, but it’s a lot of park! There’s that gorgeous curvy rusty metal wall (made of old railroad tracks) and concrete pier walkways, which is a delightful juxtaposition to the fish pond and tall grass right across from it. There’s also a teeny tiny brook, and some mowed grass at the back and sides. It’s actually an attempt to recreate the wetlands that used to be in the area, and it’s beautiful to boot. We all enjoyed exploring a bit, and taking advantage of the different backgrounds for our session.

Meet Kristin–she won the mini session that I donated to the PDX Diaper Bank silent auction in the spring. When we talked before our session, she told me that she had never had family photos done of her and two boys! Ack! So this session was doubly excellent–giving back to a terrific charity, and getting beautiful photographs for this lovely family!

I’ve been photographing a lot of babies and toddlers lately, so it was a refreshing change of pace to photograph older kids! Soren is the older brother; he’s 9 and a little more serious, but warm and thoughtful. Anders, the younger brother, is 7 and really has a fun, curious, and silly personality! They were both a lot of fun to talk with and photograph. You can see that the boys truly love each other, and their mom. I love how this session really captured that Kristin is a fantastic mom raising two wonderful boys. The three of them have this easy and loving connection that I really enjoyed witnessing.

Smiling family portrait of mother and sons

Portraits of two boys

There’s the wall–isn’t it so interesting?

Portrait of brothers

Funny boys

Boys can be so silly. 🙂

Funny boy portrait

Happy family portrait of mother and sonsTwo brothersFamily triptych

Happy brothers

Portraits of mother with sons

I had a really good time meeting you all–thank you so much for allowing me to photograph you and your sweet boys!