Check out this dapper little man!

Cute toddler boy at Tanner Springs Park

Isn’t he just too, too cute in that outfit and fedora?? His name is Tre and he’s not quite two years old. (Doesn’t he look like a little Abercrombie model in this shot? He’s all, “Oh hey, I didn’t see you there, I’m just over here being adorably photogenic.”) It was a blast to photograph him and his parents, Rachel and TJ. They’ve only just moved to Portland a few months ago, and were eager to get some current family photos in their new city. We met at Tanner Springs Park, which has all kinds of interesting things to see for such a small footprint.
Cute family snuggling together

Notably for Tre, the ponds were very interesting–there were fish swimming around, and just our luck, this beautiful great blue heron was hanging around! I’ve never seen one in person, and I can’t believe it was so cool being so near people. It must visit the city a lot to be so comfortable in a public setting. 🙂 Tre was really intrigued by the bird, too.

great heron at Tanner Springs Park


Dad tossing toddler in air

Of course Daddy was ready to have some fun with Tre, but even so, he was really easy-going and full of smiles. There were other fun spots to play: running around the grassy area, sliding down the railing, walking the different levels and stairs, and laying on some benches. We got so many great shots of the three of them playing and exploring the park!

Toddler snuggling with daddy

Toddler boy running on grassCute toddler playing on park railingFamily portrait on stairs at Tanner Springs ParkMother and toddler

Sweet family portrait

Don’t you love all those big happy smiles??

The family is still working on setting up their gallery walls in their new home, and I’m so honored that these images will be on display for all of them to see and enjoy every day!

If you’re ready for some updated family photos and your littles enjoy running around parks, get in touch and let’s create some beautiful images for your home gallery!