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School Photography Teacher:

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elementary student takes a picture

Do you know kids who like taking pictures? 

Start a photography club or after-school program.

Kids will learn how to see like a photographer! 

Julie the Photographer offers on-location photography teaching for students!

Perfect for high school, middle school, and upper elementary grades.

Each week, we discuss a technique or concept in photography. And then students go try it out! It is so much fun to watch the kids learn to see differently!

At the end of the term, students print out their favorite images and create a photo book of their work.


Usually terms are 8-10 weeks, and each weekly session is usually 1-1.5 hours. The curriculum is customizable for each group’s age level and knowledge. We can do multiple terms for the same students, and cover more topics and more technical work.

a student lays down to photograph up a wall
one student photographs another student close up
students photograph on the ground


Who will be our instructor?

I (Julie) have been a photographer for 16 years, and I was also a regular classroom teacher for six years! So combining education and photography is the perfect thing for me. I’ve taught five terms of elementary/middle school photography, as well as small group technical teaching. 

What is the cost? 

It depends on the length of the program, but each student spot would cost between $100-150. Providing extra cameras would cost $50-100, and then the cost of the student image prints is $75-100.

Do they need fancy equipment?

Nope! Any digital camera will do. It doesn’t need to be a DSLR, it doesn’t need to be new or recent. They will need to have working batteries and their own memory card. It is very helpful to have access to laptops or Chromebooks for offloading and reviewing photos as well. 


Do they need to know how to take pictures already?

This is perfect for beginners and even kids who’ve never held a real camera before. We start from the ground up–how to hold a camera properly, the settings and modes of cameras, and more! 

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