Hey look, it’s twin time! My favorite! 🙂 These little dudes are ready for their close-ups. 🙂

Toddler-Headshot-Photography_0009I met Denisha and her husband Carletus through our local twins club, before they had their babies. They are so warm and lovely, inside and out, and I just loved chatting with them. I also had the chance to do a quick mini session with them while they were still pregnant, and this was the first time I actually met their boys!

Both parents are actors and models–they do commercial and tv work, as well as print advertising. So they figured, why not bring in the new generation too? They invited me over to their home to take some lifestyle portraits of their boys. The goal was to create natural-looking headshots for their agency comp cards. (And one of their sons has already shot his first job booked from these photos! Isn’t that exciting?)

Toddler boy portraitKale and Xander were around a year old for our toddler headshot photography session, and so cute! Kale took a few minutes to warm up to me, but Xander was all smiles right away. (Babies and toddlers do their own thing, on their own timeline, and I never want to rush them! Mom and Dad helped by staying nearby, making funny faces and supplying puffs.) They were not quite fully walking, but they were happy to stand with a toy.

Toddler-Headshot-Photography_0012The boys each had a couple outfits, and we took photos in a few different spots around their house. (This way, the agency will have plenty of photos and looks to send out for auditions.) It’s always nice to be at home for a session with young children, so that they’re as happy and comfortable as possible, in their own familiar environment. You can see that we were able to capture some great expressions and personality for each boy! Goodness, they are adorable.

Toddler-Headshot-Photography_0011Thank you so much, Denisha and Carletus, and best of luck to your boys!

If you or your kiddos need some headshots or portraits, for home or for business, give me a call!