This senior photography session in Laurelhurst Park was a great combination of nature and hobbies. A is a super busy senior who plays the trumpet! I enjoyed creating some musician portraits with his instrument out in the park.

senior boy with trumpet portland

And then I used my light as a background to create a super unique, dramatic backlit portrait!

Here’s the original image:

And the edited version, which achieved the vision I had–pretty cool, right??:

high key silhouette portrait senior boy with trumpet

He is also an Eagle Scout, so his last outfit of course was his Eagle Scout uniform. We found some good foliage–I think these are actually giant rhododendrons not trees, but still, it felt perfect to have him right in there. His dad is his Eagle Scout troop leader, and they’ve had a lot of good times camping and exploring together. Isn’t that special, to have that extra time together as teen and father?

senior portrait of eagle scout portland

Did you know that I have a portable changing tent? It’s about the size of a phone booth (for you fellow olds out there! 😀 ) but it folds up like a large reflector. That means that anywhere can be your changing room! Even in the middle of a public park, you’ll still have full privacy. And I have a wagon where you can store your changes of clothes.


senior boy portraits park portland senior boy portraits park portland senior boy portraits park portland