Tulip Time!

In April, we took our second annual family outing to the gorgeous Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival! It was crazy-gorgeous, with the deep blue sky capping rows and rows (and rows) of colorful tulips at their peak bloom, plus Mt Hood gleaming snow-white in the background.


I’d been looking forward to the photo opportunities ever since our short trip last year, when our twins were five months old. Well, it turns out that 16-month-old twins are even harder to manage if you also have a camera. They needed constant vigilance among the many toddler hazards (paths to run down, flowers to tug on, mud to fall in, big stairs to climb up). So I only grabbed a few snaps here and there, but I promised myself that next year would be better again. 🙂


Anyway, please enjoy these few photos! If you have a tulip farm near you, make time to go next spring–you won’t regret it!