happy family photographyWhat a lovely morning I had at this Vancouver family photography session!

Vancouver Family Photography_0002Lindsey and Dan live in Camas, and had the great idea to do our session at Fort Vancouver. I hadn’t been there before, but I’m glad to know about it now! There’s a giant field, all wide open space. Perfect for toddlers who like to run around in circles. 🙂 Claire was such an explorer–she wanted to look and move around. She touched the trees, and climbed up onto a picnic table (and would have run right off if Dan hadn’t caught her! which then became a most fun game), and especially loved the gazebo. She ran back and forth between her parents, and peered out from between the rails. Just too cute.

Vancouver Family Photography_0014little girl playing with parents Vancouver family photographyLittle Claire is two years old. She has an infectious grin, she has teeny tiny little pigtails, she loves her Olivia pig, and she loves to read. They brought a few of her favorite books and a picnic blanket, so after a bit of the running, it was time for something quieter. They all sat down and read together. I love seeing toddlers with books–their little hands touching the pages, big smiles and giggles when they see their favorite pages. And families reading together always makes me happy, so it’s one of my favorite moments to capture in a session.

beautiful family portrait vancouver family photography

This is a stylish family. Notice their beautifully coordinated outfits! They’ve been working on renovating their house for a few years, which was an old school! They’ve done an incredible job; it’s just gorgeous inside, like a Pinterest board. And the best part is that they added a large canvas photo from our session to their wall by the staircase. I love that we create not just fond memories, but beautiful prints and wall art that will be enjoyed every day for years.

family portrait in gazebo vancouver family photographyVancouver Family Photography_0007mom playing with daughter vancouver family photographytoddler reading with parents vancouver family photographyVancouver Family Photography_0011toddler running vancouver family photographyVancouver Family Photography_0013dad hugging daughter vancouver family photographyVancouver Family Photography_0001Thank you, Lindsey, Dan, and Claire!