Let’s talk about headshots some more. Let’s talk about why we have them and what they do for us.

First up, they tell people who you are. Duh, right? It tells people a lot of things, actually. It tells them what you look like, which again is why it needs to be updated, and it gives people a clue about you. It can certainly tell people a lot about what you do, depending on context. For example, I’m about to go to the gym, so I’m wearing gym clothes. Would this be appropriate attire for a headshot? No way? But what if I was a personal trainer? Or someone who designs athletic wear? Then it would be perfectly appropriate for me to wear this. And someone who is a personal trainer, or who works out for their job, would never ever wear a suit and tie for their headshot. If you’re a banker, you probably should be wearing formal or semi formal attire, and it would be inappropriate for you to wear gym clothes. So your outfit tells people about you.

Even the backdrop can tell people about you. If you’re in an indoor studio environment, with a blank wall behind you, that gives more of a corporate feel. Which is perfectly acceptable, normal and fine if you are in a corporate field. If you are outdoors, and you can see trees or grass behind you, tht is the opposite of corporate. That tells people you are a little more warm, less formal, and that you might do something that is less formal.

And then of course you can be photographed at your job. You could be photographed at your desk, or working with a client. Behind the counter at your shop. That literally tells people where you are and what you do.

It’s really important to have a headshot and to have a headshot that tells something about you.

Facial expression also tells a lot about you as well as body language.

Not just any headshot, but a professional headshot! Sorry, Portrait mode is not professional!

It says something about you that you have a level of professionalism and a high level of commitment to yourself and to your work to show yourself off in the best light.

Do yourself a favor. Show your best self, in your best light, your best side, your best expression . A professional photographer will help you do that. Think about where you are, what you’re wearing, how you look and how you want to present yourself.