A year and a half ago, I moved to a new model of client service, and I LOVE it. It’s brought the full-service, personal experience back to family photography. And it’s so much more fun for me, too!

Previously, like many others, I did everything electronically and digitally. Now, almost everything is in person, with physical and digital products. Here are the details that you can expect:

First, we talk on the phone (or in person if possible) before the session, so we can go over a lot more detail than in email. I can get to know you a bit; we can talk about what you like and what you’re hoping for your session; we can nail down logistics like location and scheduling; I’ll go over this whole process so you feel prepared. (Know that I have small children and am very aware that nap schedules trump all things! I only schedule one session per day, so I’m generally pretty open for any timeframe that works best for your family.)

Then, we meet for the session and have fun taking photographs!Rebecca-36_WEB

Two to three weeks after the portrait session, we meet again in person for the ordering session. I like to come to clients’ houses when possible, because it’s so much more convenient for you. (Especially those with small children–no babysitter needed. :)) I start with a slideshow so you can enjoy all the photos at once. Then I take out the printed 4×6 proofs, so you can physically sort through them to find your favorites. There’s no clock ticking–you can take all the time you need!



We’ll discuss the different package options, and I’ll have sample products to show you. Of course I’ll answer any questions and help with whatever you need. You’ll think about your wall space, who in your family would enjoy some gift prints, and other ways you’d like to keep and display your beautiful photos.



It’s best for all the decision makers to be present for this ordering session, so you can make sure you agree on your favorites and how to display them. You’ll pay for your order then, too.

About two weeks later, I will deliver the goodies to you! (I do this in person too, unless you live far away.) Bonus–if there’s a relative to whom you are gifting a certain item (like an album), I can have it shipped directly to anywhere in US.


All of my packages include physical prints, because too often, our precious images get left in the digital realm where they can be forgotten (not to mention accidentally deleted or corrupted). I want all of us to see and appreciate our photos every day! So I will deliver professional, archival prints that you can get up on those walls to enjoy right away.


You can read about this process from a client perspective here!

Again, I truly enjoy this model. The whole process is hands-on and personal–it’s all about you! My clients get to have a really special, yet easy experience. I’m here to help!