You need more than *just* headshots. You need business branding photography.

We all know that *everyone* needs a headshot on their website. And that it needs to be a professional, recent headshot. But is that the only photo you should have on your website? NO WAY! Your clients and potential customers want to see you and what you do. Your website should have a *variety* of photos featuring you in action–showing not just you, but also your personality, your vibe, and what your business is about. Your clients will get to know you, and begin to trust you and your expertise, even before they meet you.

What might this look like, specifically?

Let’s say you’re an artist and you sell paintings and prints. In addition to several kinds of headshots (serious, fun, and in-between), photos could include shots of you painting from various perspectives, close-ups of your paints, shots of your studio, detail shots of your studio, stacks of finished pieces, photos of you in your studio doing tasks like washing brushes, hanging artworks in a gallery, smiling in front of those works, etc.

What if you offer a service rather than a product? Let’s say you’re a real estate agent, and you don’t have physical stuff that you sell or do. Yes, we absolutely can still do lots of business branding photos! Again, we’ll always start with headshots: different looks, different angles, different expressions.

If you have a physical office, then certainly some shots of you working at your desk, smiling at the doorway, pretending to talk on the phone, signing papers. (If you don’t have your own physical office, we can find a space to act like your office!) Then we could grab a ‘pretend’ client–you and the ‘client’ smiling in your office, you standing together in front of a house, smiling and shaking hands, handing over keys, detail shots of a set of house keys.

Now–what exactly do you need these photos for?

Here are just a few examples:

  • Your About page (headshot)
  • Your website header image (detail shot)
  • Your Services page (interaction/action shot)
  • Your Facebook profile photo (a different headshot)
  • Your Facebook cover photo (detail shot; action shot)
  • Online advertisements (detail shot)
  • Physical marketing materials (action/interaction shot)

…and more! Do you see now why just one headshot won’t cut it? You need business branding photos to grow your business! There are plenty of session options for whatever your needs are.

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