Why newborn photography?

The newborn phase is such a beautiful and fleeting time! It’s a really wonderful time to have professional photos taken, because new babies change SO much in such a short time. (For new parents, the time can feel very long indeed, though.) Those tiny bodies start growing right away, and as obvious as it sounds, they’ll never be that small again. It’s amazing to look back on images of a teeny, sleepy newborn after he’s grown into a chubby, grinning kiddo who’s crawling and walking! The first ten days to two weeks is generally the best timeframe for a photo session, because (most) new babies still sleep a lot and haven’t changed too much yet.

What are the types of newborn photography?

There are two types of newborn photography: ‘studio’ and ‘lifestyle’. The studio style has been very popular for awhile now. Those are the photos you see of babies very carefully posed, while naked (or nearly naked), on a blanket, or with props like a bucket or basket. Generally, new parents need to travel to the photographer’s studio, and the session will take anywhere from 2-4 hours for all the setups and helping baby stay calm and fed and happy. The studio poses work best with very new babies–strictly under two weeks. If this is the style you like, wonderful! I can recommend several very talented photographers who specialize in studio newborn photography.

What I offer is quite different from the studio style: in-home, lifestyle newborn photography. That’s where the photographer (that’s me!) comes to your home for your session. The focus is to create images that capture the baby and those tiny details, but without the poses and props. We also concentrate on the connection between you and your new baby, all within your home environment. The timeline is not as strict–I’ve done newborn sessions at up to three weeks old.

Here are three reasons why an at-home newborn session is a great choice:

It’s convenient.

I come to you! When you have a brand-new baby, things get more complicated and time-consuming (doubly so if you already have an older child). For an in-home photo session, it’s easy. You and your family can stay relaxed in the comfort of your own home. New moms especially need plenty of time to recover and rest, so having a session at home keeps things pleasantly low-key. You can easily change clothes (yours or baby’s) if you want or need to. It’s easy to change diapers, grab a snack, or feed the baby in the normal, comfortable way. You don’t have to pack up the baby and all of the accoutrements. You don’t have to spend time in the car worrying about how much the little one will cry or sleep. My first goal with a newborn session is to keep everyone happy and comfortable.

It’s unique.

Since we’ll be in your home environment, your photos will reflect *you*. Your lifestyle images won’t be interchangeable with anyone else’s. Our session in your home will not have a generic setup or the same props–we’ll be in your own space. We can make it absolutely unique and special just to you.

Do you have a favorite sports team or hobby? Have you or a family member handmade an item for the new baby, like a dress, a sweater, or a quilt? We’ll easily be able to feature and incorporate those into the photos. We can include images in the nursery and crib, to commemorate this special place. Is there a certain chair, glider, or couch where you always feed the baby? We’ll make sure to take some photos there, as a way to celebrate your first routines together as a newly expanded family.  Plus, if you have pets (ie, furry children), we can easily include them in your session images too. 🙂

It’s genuinely you–and it’s beautiful.

Again, my goals for our newborn session are to keep everyone comfortable and happy, and capture all of you, just as you are. We’ll create powerful, personal images that will evoke sweet memories of this short moment in time. It’s not just pictures of your baby; the photos will commemorate the new bonds your family is creating, the new crazy, sweet life that you’re all experiencing together.

If you or a friend are expecting a baby soon, give me a call–I’d love to photograph your new little bundle of joy!

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